Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen Installation Services
Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen Installation Services

Get the Best Modular Kitchen in Thane

A modular kitchen design is a style statement and a product of a modern interior designing concept. With the kitchen being one of the most used part of the home, everyone deserves the best modular kitchen design at a price that is affordable too. A modular kitchen is made up of multiple modules that are organized together to create a completely functional kitchen. In modern times, these modular kitchen designs have also started becoming very popular because of their functioning appliances, sleek and smooth finishes along with customised storage options for simple and small modular kitchen designs. Hence we at Eagle Ventures, have come up with a modern modular kitchen designs catalogue that is a perfect blend of style and functionality. From uber-glam countertops to classic backsplashes to whimsical lighting, we’ve got all the kitchen revamping inspiration you need.

Modular Kitchen for all styles

Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen Installation Services


Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen Installation Services


Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen Installation Services


Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen Installation Services


L Shape Modular Kitchen Design

L shape Modular Kitchen design is a modern take on a traditional kitchen unit that includes enough storage options, even in a tiny area, to keep the room from being cluttered and to make it convenient to use at all times. Two things are critical for a kitchen to be practical and user-friendly: ample storage space and proper organization of items for easy access. These Modular Kitchen may be customised to fit your cooking style.

U Shape Modular Kitchen Design

U Shape Modular Kitchen design that could befit your needs and at the same time give a radiant look to your cooking space is everyone's dream. We are offering U shaped Modular kitchen options that could prove to be a potential match for you. From granite to tiles, you could pick any material that you want your modular kitchen to be produced out of.

Parallel Modular Kitchen Design

The most common kitchen design has to be the parallel modular kitchen. The compact kitchens also demand styling and a touch of modernity. We design your dream small space parallel kitchen design with our modern parallel kitchen designs solutions. Transform your small kitchen without going overboard on your budget with us.

Straight Modular Kitchen Design

Straight Modular Kitchen is one of the simplest and most purposeful layouts. There are various straight modular kitchen designs available for your kitchen that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Our minimalistic and compact designs will give your home a chic and classy look. With our customization option, you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

Materials We Use for Modular Kitchen Design

Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen

Engineered Wood - MDF, PB

Engineered wood is a synthetic building material made by breaking down softwood and hardwood into wood fibers. Lightweight, affordable, huge variety and screw-holding capacity are the key features of Engineered wood.

Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen


Plywood is one of the most popular cabinet kitchen materials used for making the cabinets of a modular kitchen. It is manufactured by pasting several layers of veneered wood pressed together with resins. It is sturdy, durable, and can withstand heavy weight.

Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen

Particle Board

Particle Board constitutes pressing together of small wood particles with epoxy resin under high temperature and pressure. Chipboards come in a variety of densities.

Modular Kitchen Finishes

Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen


Durable and resistant to wear and tear and immune to stains, spills & scuffs

Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen


Prone to scratching and durability, Acrylics are Non-toxic and offer a high-gloss finish.

Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen


Hard-wearing and highly resistant, PU is considered a scratch-resistant and durable option.

Eagle Ventures Modular Kitchen


Impervious to water, borers and termites, PVC offers a fine finish and proves to be economical.

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Engineered Wood and Plywood is the most preferred material for modular kitchen. It is solid, affordable, durable and light in weight as well.

A good modular kitchen includes everything from ventilation to presentation. Below are various things to consider for designing a good modular kitchen design

1. Plan the layout
2. List out the requirements
3. Look out for proper lighting and ventilation source
4. Choose colours wisely

The benefits of a modular kitchen are as follows:

    1. It adds a classic style to your home.

    2. It keeps the space much more organized and uncluttered.

    3. It offers a clean and hygienic environment.

    4. It is easy to clean and maintain a modular kitchen.

Best suited layout of a modular kitchen for a small space is L-shaped and U-shaped. These designs are efficient and provide maximum support. The penalty of two corners is countered by additional cabinet space on the end wall. Open corner shelves and wall-mounted plate racks work best for small spaces.

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